Valium Vickie

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let me preface this rant by stating I have nothing against organized religion. In fact, like anything else, I think it's a great thing if used in moderation. I believe in God and I pray. Whenever I feel my life is in danger, or my girlfriend may be pregnant, or anything of that magnitude, my first instinct is get on my knees and beg for a positive outcome or a negative pregnancy test.
Do I think that some people are a bit over-the-top and do some strange things in the name of religion? Hell yes. If you want to refuse to eat certain delectible foods, deny yourself the pleasure of casual, carnal sex or even wear one of those silly berkas because you think it'll put you in better standing with the big guy, well, that's your business. Personally, I'm not too into all of the rules. I pick and choose the snippets of each faith that I find conducive to my current lifestyle and I practice accordingly. You do things your way; I do things mine.
That being said, however, I think there are certain people that take the whole God thing too far. I met these Born Again Christians and all these people talked about was God this and God that. "Isn't it just amazing that god made all this food that we're eating right now? Gosh, isn't it just amazing that god made the ground we're standing on right now?"
These people are like cheerleaders for God only they never turn that shit off. They're just too excited about that shit; they take their god and their faith too far and it's just annoying as hell to everyone else but them. Even God must be like, "ALRIGHT, ENOUGH ALREADY! Yeah, yeah, I'm good good, I'm great, I built the whole world in seven days and all that shit, but will you please shut the fuck up about me for just five-fucking minutes. Jesus Christ, don't you people have lives. Get out there and live your own life. You know what, go get laid; you have my blessing."