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Friday, August 04, 2006

Recently, I got the opportunity to meet a friend of one of my closest friends that I'd been hearing about for years. Let's call this individual "PersonA" just to conceal his identity from the masses and masses of people that faithfully read my insights into humanity as quickly as I post them.
Like I said, I'd been hearing about how I "just have to meet PersonA" for awhile, and everytime I pressed for more details all I got was: "He's fucking nuts. The kid is just fucking out of his mind." When I asked how, all I got was, "he's just fucking crazy. There's no other way to describe this dude, just fuckin crazy."
Naturally, I was pretty excited about meeting PersonA; however, when the time came to meet said person, I was more than just a little disappointed. This peron, PersonA, was not CRAZY, he was just an ASSHOLE. PersonA was a loud, obnoxious, drunk asshole and all the pills and therapy in the world would never be able to change that. Now, I know that I shouldn't really be that upset because, afterall, most people are assholes, right? But I was under the impression that PersonA was chemically imbalanced, "fuckin crazy" if you will. I was expecting someone with at least some signs of some mental illness. PersonA wasn't scratching repetitively, yelling at people that didn't exist or spouting government conspiracy theories (or any of the other mentally ill stereotypes that we've learned from pop-culture and television).
This is something that pisses me off. We categorize everyone from the eccentric to obnoxious as "fuckin crazy". Crazy is a term that gets thrown around a little to loosely for my liking. If being a loud, annoying, Chappelle Show quoting drunk is all is takes to be classified as "crazy" than every fucking frat guy and gym rat in this country would be in a straightjacket. Lesson: If you can't specifically tell someone why exactly your friend is crazy, then you'd better warn your friend that they're going to have to deal with an asshole for the night.

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