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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Miss USA and the Beauty Pageant Paradox Thank God Mr. Donald Trump found it in his heart to allow Tara Connor to retain her title as Miss USA. Like the rest of the country, I followed the story of Miss USA's alleged "inappropriate behavior" very closely. That poor girl must've been very confused when she almost lost her title as Miss USA for the very same reasons she was crowned in the first place.Tara Connor won the Miss USA pageant because she's a hot girl. And they almost took that title away from her because she was, well, because she was acting the way that hot girls act. Hot girls go to bars when they're underage because the owners of these bars would rather have extremely attractive underage ladies patronizing their establishments than homely, middle-aged Cougars. Hot girls act intoxicated after a few sips of a Cosmo, so unhappily married, middle-aged men will buy them all the Cosmos they want for the rest of the night. And hot girls make out with other hot girls because they know there is no better way to draw attention to themselves.To think that Tara Connor almost got dethroned for her actions is reprehensible. If anything, she should've been promoted to Miss Universe. Anybody, from the general public to the Miss USA pageant committee that thinks that Miss USA has a moral responsibility to act a certain way is a fucking moron. Not just a moron, a fucking moron.The only responsibility that Miss USA has to the public is to stay hot. If her drinking should interfere with this responsibility, if she starts packing on pounds, or if the blood vessels in her nose begin to burst, or she becomes such a lazy drunk that she neglects her grooming and her unruly bush pokes out of her tiny bikini during the swimsuit competition, then take the crown away immediately. But judging by the recent publicity photos, she looks just fine to me.

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