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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

With a brand new episode of LOST set to air tonight and the season finale right around the corner, I thought it was about due time that I hit the LOST Message Boards again. The first time around around I garnered a few confused responses; however, this time I seemed to have really struck a chord. Below is my original post along with all the responses of the dedicated and highly entertaining "Losties." Enjoy!

Topic: Anti-American Sentiment on LOST

As much as I have enjoyed watching LOST, the anti-American sentiment as of late has been so shameful that I refuse to watch another episode.
The writers are so unabashed in their criticism of the entire Bush administration that I think it would be prudent to put Abrams and his crew on an FBI Watch List. I'm not saying they (the makers of LOST) have connections to evil-doers, I'm just saying they are downright indifferent to the fate of this country.
When Ben brought Locke up to the Mountain ... well if that isn't the staff saying, "we really don't care what happens to the United States of America," than I don't know what is. Also as a devote member of the Unitarian Fellowship of the Holy Trinity Church, I was outraged by the implications of this Jacob character. I don't think anyone can argue that the Locke/Ben/Jacob scene literally meant that everyone on the island (which is a metaphor for the world people!) is really a gerbil-loving homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) and that the only reason people marry is for procreation! As if!
I am asking every patriotic American to do what is right and stop watching this inherently evil, anti-American fascist, primetime television program before it is too late!


From: (J-L Man of faith):
please go away

From: thehiddenwindows:
"What? It's a TV show, for goodness sake. It's supposed to be that way, the Others are shown as evil, and the Island has powers in it. It's fiction. It's supposed to be mysterious and make the island seem very imporntant. It dosen't seem anti-American to me at all, and I'm usually pretty good a picking that stuff up."

From: coolshades
do you have a Dr. if you do you need to go see him or her .there are lots of show that take things from real life law and order does it all the time were did you come up with that and just because you don't like Bush and what he is doing does not make you Anti-american Bush is just a man just like anyman and as American we have the right to say how we fell and if some people say it on t.v or in a movie I say go for it

From: Sawyer is God
I really don't understand any of this argument. Normally, I would ask you to explain it to me, but I'm not sure if it would be worth hearing.

From: lost_in_iowa
Fiction is fiction. Thank God for Freedom of Choice! If you think it's anti-American then maybe try living in another country. It's a beautiful place we are allowed to live in with such great benefits---like being able to watch TV! Not everything has to be so serious--politically or religiously.

Pray for yourself to open up your mind!

From: siblime1
Look at what they've done to you. Little tip: They're all "evil-doers" no matter who you "follow".

From: Archangel-Player
Brother/sister I don't know how you walk in life. But this isn't the place for this. Your being judgmental on a subjuct that you have no clue as the way the writers think. Your not them. So you do not know them. As you see evil in the show. The Writers have also shown light protanganist in the show. The Others are supose to be evil that is what they are. The Losties are here to put a stop to it. Remember this. God loved you when you didn't care to him. So that state of mind should you think of the people who enjoy LOST. How do you get homosexuality out of LOST? There hasn't been a "Homo" seen yet or any indication of one except a nasty rumer.

From: mrslost

From: suzisunshine
Did you learn the expression 'gerbil-loving homosexual' in Sunday School?

From: Turnip Queen
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That message just made me laugh! I have no idea what they're going on about!

From: Hunter8768

Hey buddy, a village somewhere is missing their idiot. Please return there and stop posting this crap!!!

From: roox
This is plain ridiculous!!!!

You need to get out more, buddy !!!!

From: ravred
anti american....I think the KKK are calling u back to your meeting at the HTC.

From: x pretty in pink x
hmmm....each to their own but are we watching the same show???

From: lockestar42
you sir are an idiot. im pretty sure that when ben said that he doesnt care what happens to the usa, im pretty sure he also doesnt care what happend to the rest of the world. every other tv show on tv is anti everyone but americans. im guessing you love toby kieth too. did you know he's all about buying american, and loving the usa...but did you know the guitar he plays is made in japan? you're a super patriot? what do you do? wear a white trash shirt with the american flag on it that says "these colors dont bleed?" wave american flags at parades? you also are probably driving around in your oversized pick up consuming more and more gas, and fatty foods, than 99% of the world. you "super patriots" disgust me. you're probably one of the idiots that actually voted for G.W. TWICE. i think americans need a little hatred towards themselves, i mean we're 300,000,000 strong, which isn't too big when you compare it to the rest of the world, yet we consume more crap, and resources than ANY OTHER PLACE ON EARTH! maybe thats why ben doesn't care what happens to the USA...f*ck it now i hate us, im moving to canada!

bottom line, everyone thinks you're a moron. lets just watch lost, and not talk politics!

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